KoPro 1:72 La-7 of the Hero of soviet union Ivan Khozedub, April 1945

While ordering the photoetch parts for the Yamato online, I was landing just 4 euros under the free delivery price. So I decided to take "something" around 5-6 euros - the total price stayed the same, but I got one extra kit! As I am russian, I first thought to build a MiG-3 of my great-grandfather, but there was no MiG-3 kit in this price category. There were many La-5/La-7 kits however, most done by the czech company KoPro, which produces many cheap sets of eastern bloc aircraft. I never worked with this company's sets, but decided to give it a go.

The kit was pretty easy build, straight out of the box with some improvisations, like adding some wiring, gunsight, reload grips (made of clear plastic and copper wire) to the cockpit. Not that it is visible now, with closed cockpit... The fit was okay for the price, and the aircraft looks like La-7 - it made fun to build it.