Heller 1:400 KMS Admiral Scheer, 1940's Atlantic cruise, during the battle vs HMS Jervis Bay

I began working on this model in Russia back in 2000, but then I moved to Germany, and have left it behind. But as I visited Russia in 2003 I brought the incomplete model with me (only the hull was painted, and some superstructure pieces were assembled). In 2005 I had some spare time, and decided to complete it. The model quality was really great, good details, and great fit! I needed putty only on the seam between the deck halves. Heller's support was great, as the superstructure deck got destroyed during the flight they replaced it for no cost. The model was built straight out of the box, but will receive some PE parts (railings at least), after I will be ready with Yamato. The exact painting of the model was inspired by the picture I found on the Tech Pubs.